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How Strategy Improvers Can Help Your Business

People achieve more, as individuals and collectively, when they know their purpose and their department’s and organisation’s ultimate objectives. The bedrock of that cliché “empowerment” is helping people understand exactly what they are supposed to do and how their contribution is important to their organisation’s success.

At Strategy Improvers we enjoy using our hard-won, real-life experience to assist management teams and business owners to clarify their three, five and even ten-year strategy for growth. In addition, we thrive on helping under performing departments, teams or projects to do even better. Helping solve your difficult organisational problems is how we get our job satisfaction.

The Team

Dr Bill Robb has years of experience helping businesses achieve their growth goals. Click here to find out more about the team

Why choose Strategy Improvers?

  • Respect – we remember at all times that you’ve asked us to help, not show how clever we are
  • Simplicity – we give straightforward, jargon-free, usable advice – no “guru-talk”
  • Speed – we understand that time is precious to individuals and their organisations so we respond quickly
  • Flexibility – we know you have an organisation to run so we arrange our input a) at times convenient for your people b) in phases so you can review progress
  • Working alongside – we acknowledge that no one knows your business better than your managers and that strategic thinking and problem solving can be emotionally trying. We start from where people are and gradually coax answers and actions without the turmoil that often accompanies major change
  • On-going support – we don’t recommend then disappear! We stick around to help implement agreed solutions.

Practical tools to help organisations succeed in the medium and long term.

Strategy Improvers strives to keep things simple, practical yet powerful. We look forward to working with you and your managers because we get our satisfaction from seeing people and our client organisations succeed. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet for a preliminary discussion – no obligation at all. Click here to see the tools we use to help businesses do even better.