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Prevent Financial and Human Costs of Over-stress


Prevent Financial and Human Costs of Over-stress

September 12th, 2007

Strategy Improvers has developed a practical 9-point plan that senior managers can implement to stop over-stress arising in the first place. “Stress management courses are useful and necessary but they only treat the symptoms”, says Bill Robb. “It is much better in the long run to get to the root causes”.

The Strategy Improvers plan isĀ  very straightforward approach showing how simple things such as clarifying a person’s job description, inducting and training him properly can reduce unnecessary stress. “Another trap to avoid is the long bureaucratic stress climate survey. This involves a lot of work for little gain – you end up with a list of problems and few solutions” say Bill. “Rather issue a very short stress monitor sheet every six months – this gives solutions rather than problems.”

Find out more about the Stress Prevention plan by clicking here.