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Tools To Help Businesses Do Even Better

1. Strategy Clarification – working with the senior management team or business owners to extract, refine and document medium term strategy. more

2. Mergers and Alliances That Work – ensuring the cultural and human side of alliances and mergers don’t hinder the new organisation’s success. more

3. Performance Improvement Workshops – a straightforward and quick way to improve the operation of any team, project or department more

4. Getting contracts back on track – clarifying the problems, focusing on solutions and agreeing measurable actions   more

5. Team Building With Immediate Results – concentrating on real work issues with some bonding thrown in – without playing silly games more

6. Departmental Co-operation Workshops – ensuring business does not suffer from poor inter-departmental communication and co-operation  more

7. Using Knowledge for Business Advantage – harnessing the power of all the knowledge locked in employees’ and managers’ head to create more opportunities for business more

8. Energising the Senior Management Team – giving senior colleagues the opportunity to reflect and give open feedback about how they could do more to assist one another more

9. Change with less pain – helping people adjust to change quickly and with minimum disruption  more

10. Organisational Structure and Job Clarity – boosting productivity by ensuring the purpose of each department is spelled out and each person knows their purpose more

11. Improving Working Environments – improving productivity and customer satisfaction by treating employees well more

12. Profit and Cost Clinic – financial health check more

13. The Business Health Check – getting more from the assets you already have  more

14. Protect Your Investment: Improve The Return – helping banks, business angels and VCs to assist their management teams in client businesses more

15. Finding Your New Business – helping new management teams find the right business and to put together the plan for a successful acquisition and start-up more

16. Preventing Excess Stress – advice on using the systems you already have in place to reduce excess stress and to prove you are taking the issue of workplace stress seriously more

17. Complex Corporate Problem Solving – finding ways to overcome what seem to be insurmountable problems more

18. Your Exit Strategy – ensuring a smooth handover with maximum return more

19. Improving Morale and Productivity - an independent assessment of morale in a department or company with recommendations on how to boost it more

20. Human Factor Due Diligence for New Investments, Mergers, JVs, MBIs and MBOs - undertaking a preliminary investigation to avoid the waste of time and expense in more detailed due diligence when the project is a non-starter more