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Bill Robb, BSc, MEd, PhD, Director

Image of RobbBill has been assisting companies with their strategy clarification and performance improvement since 1993. With his psychological background he is a skilled facilitator and enjoys working with ambitious management teams – especially under very tense situations – to generate agreed action points. Bill strives for simplicity and practicality – to get results for clients without the turmoil that often accompanies high-level strategic consulting. As a director and chairman of several companies, Bill is aware of the “interesting challenges” facing managers in the modern industrial and commercial workplace.

Born in Glasgow and raised Southern Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe, Bill qualified in Agricultural Economics. Over the years, he became enthralled with the psychology of teaching and learning. Realising the vital importance of the right behaviours for corporate success, he undertook further studies in human motivation gaining his PhD from the University of Glasgow and a DEd degree from the University of South Africa.

Bill’s passion is solving client’s problems. “When people call they have something they want fixed and at Strategy Improvers we do what it takes to fix it”. He edits the Senior Managers’ Briefings ( and has written books for senior managers on stress reduction in the work place, improving appraisal systems, time management and boosting employee productivity.

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